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In the year 2012, after some months turning heads at local Farmer’s Markets with bright and buoyant riffs on the traditional Finnish munkki, SuzyQ Doughnuts made our first home in Hintonburg.

We built a kitchen in the back of a charmingly dilapidated shack toward the butt end of one of the up and coming neighbourhood’s most exclusive parking lots, and soon it was a common sight to see a steady stream of fixated snack-seekers wending its way from some vanishing point up Wellington Street West patiently awaiting their turn to enjoy a freshly fried hoop of happiness.

and the only thing

that grew faster than our reputation

was our

but it was also touched by the grace of

to the point of

The shack may have been


severe peril

good fortune

big ideas.



After the

Whether our move up the street to the space formerly occupied by the West End Well Co-Op was motivated more by a need for more kitchen space, a desire to welcome our community inside to stay and sit a spell, or concern that the shack was truly on the verge of sinking into the Earth and disappearing with all of us inside, cannot be known for sure. But that long line of friends trailed cheerfully after us, and we are so grateful that their appetites have only grown, and word has only spread.

In March of 2020, we closed our doors in response to the pandemic, and focused on our plans to grow and come back better than ever. We're now based out of a larger kitchen in St Laurent, with a new space in Hintonburg and one in Bells Corners coming soon.

We’ve hosted events, watched children grow, cracked the code of a nearly perfect vegan-friendly dough (Oat milk! Don’t tell anyone!), and found our people over and over again.

What’s next for SuzyQ? More flavours, more friends, more locations, more laughs.

We’re just getting started.