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You can get up to three dozen doughnuts without warning from the counter at any SuzyQ location.

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Besides doughnuts and cookies and treats, we're happy to prepare hot and cold drinks for you, including hand crafted espresso beverages.

SuzyQ Doughnuts are available to be ordered for same-day delivery exclusively through Uber Eats.

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Please note that product selection varies according to the real time availability at each location!

What about Happy Birthday messages or mini doughnuts, or really large orders?

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What about custom doughnut messages and/or colours?

What about weddings and other magnificent occasions?

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the Future


If you'd like to order mini doughnuts, or the Happy Birthday boxed set, or schedule any number of dozens in advance to be ready for a specific date and time, you can order from any SuzyQ location using the three links below!

Orders made for the future can even be scheduled for delivery.



Some doughnut needs are more particular than others - for those special occasions such as weddings, extremely large orders (five dozen or more, say) or times when you need a carafe of brewed coffee, a pegboard or display stand, or a custom set of letter-shaped doughnuts, please contact our Special Orders Co-Ordinator.

Gift Cards?

how about

You can load an electronic gift card with any amount using the button above.

By default it will go directly to the recipient whose email address you enter, but if you'd like to personalize how they receive it (i.e. in an email that comes from you, or printing it out and putting it in a card), just enter your own email address as the recipient as well as the purchaser. For any assistance, email or call our Helpful Person!

You can also visit any of our shops in person to purchase and load a physical gift card. Finally!